Rick Bortnick - Instructor


Rick is a lifelong athlete who has studied martial arts for more than 25 years. He is a sandan in Aikido who has taught adults and children for the past 11 years.

Rick studied at several distinguished dojos on the West Coast. This began with Kenpo Karate in 1979, and continued with a Vietnamese style of Kung Fu in 1982. Rick's Aikido journey began in 1991 when he studied under Jack Wada Sensei at Aikido of San Jose. Rick continued his training in Portland under Dimarco Sensei, who studied under Yamada Sensei. Rick practiced under Dimarco Sensei for 9 years at Two Rivers Aikikai, then studied under Dimarco's successor, Spiros Koyanis Sensei, a direct student of Kanai Sensei.

Rick's quest for new challenges and Aikido knowledge changed in 2003 when he met Jaff Sensei. Rick embraced Jaff's enlightened style and joined Ecole de Budo in 2004.

Since joining the dojo, Rick has traveled with Jaff to Venezuela and Hungary and hopes to continue to follow Jaff around the world.

Rick was born in Rochester, N.Y. in 1957. He spent his school years in Tucson, AZ., where he excelled at basketball at the high school and college level. He is the father of two and a fulltime high school economics teacher in Portland.