Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo

The Way of the Stick 

Preserving the art 

Jodo is a classical martial art (ko budo). The way that we approach and study this art is different than our approach to aikido, though in the end our experience should lead us to the understanding that both arts (all true budo in fact) are based upon the same fundamental principals and it is only the outer forms that change.

We approach jodo with a sense of preservation. It is our duty to try to keep the techniques and kata of the system exactly as they have been given to us by our teacher so that they can in turn be passed on to future generations without distortion.

Jodo lineage

The Shinto Muso Ryu was founded nearly 400 years ago, in about 1605, by Muso Gonnosuke Katsukichi.

At EBR, our lineage in jodo is as follows:

  • Shimizu Takaji Sensei - 25th Headmaster Shinto Muso Ryu
  • Pascal Krieger Sensei - Menkyo Kaiden (master teacher) and present head of the European Jodo Federation
  • Jaff Raji Sensei - Okuiri-Sho (official teacher) and founder of the Ecole de Budo RAJI-International

* Note - Since 1994 both Krieger Sensei and Raji Sensei have been under the teaching and guidance of Nishioka Sensei, one of Shimizu Sensei's first students and the present technical advisor to the International Jodo Federation.

For more on Jodo

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