Kid's Class FAQs

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions from parents.

How old are the kids in the class?

We have classes for elementary school and middle school kids ages 6 to 13. Kids older than 13 we begin to work with to join the adult classes. This will of course depend entirely on the child as each of us develop on an individual time line.

Do we need to buy any special gear?

You will need to purchase a keiko-gi (kid's uniform). A gi runs between $30 and $80 depending on the size and make. We have uniforms available at the dojo and you can purchase one through us if you like.

Aren't these martial arts involved in "Eastern Religions"?

No. Our emphasis is on acceptance and tolerance for everyone's personal beliefs. We do bow before and after class with the commands "shomenni rei" (translates as thank you to those that came before us and kept the practice alive) and "otegaini rei" (translates as thank you to each other for coming to practice) but this formal tradition is about respect for the training hall for our fellow practitioners and most importantly for ourselves.

Aren't martial arts violent?

The truth here is that they can be if we do not train with the right attitude. Our objectives are self-improvement and cooperation. Violent or destructive attitudes and behaviors are simply not tolerated.

Do I need to stay during the class?

No, you are more than welcome to drop off the kids during class time and pick them up after class ends. Kids will be accompanied by an instructor or responsible adult member of the dojo at all times until parents arrive for pick up. Of course parents are always welcome to stay and observe class at anytime.

Is This Safe for my child?

Yes. While any sporting activity can result in injury the non competitive nature and systematic approach that we take to learning and teaching has proven itself to be an extremely safe physical activity for people of all ages.

What do the classes cost?

Please check the dues section for fees.

What is the class schedule?

Please check the class schedule section for times.

To learn more:

Please contact Michael Selin, at or call us at the dojo at 503-286-3625.