Aikido as Self Discovery

Our main discipline is aikido. Aikido is a complete budo in itself. It's a powerful means for redirecting energy and has widespread martial applications. More importantly, it's an ideal means for acquiring self knowledge, self discipline, and possibly a higher level of freedom in one's life.

Ecole de Budo RAJI has a unique approach to aikido practice, characterized by a strong emphasis on attention, as well as simplicity and precision of movements.

Done properly, aikido practice can enable a student to work on oneself—body, mind, and spirit, simultaneously—and through increasing self-knowledge Aikido training helps create balance in one's life. Since Aikido only can be studied in a group and mostly through partner exercises, Aikido training also allows for a deeper understanding of interpersonal skills and helping others.

Jodo and Iaido Complements

In addition to aikido, we study Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo and Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido. Since aikido was developed from similar ko budo (older martial art) techniques, these disciplines perfectly complement our aikido training. Most of our time is dedicated to aikido, so it is physically impossible to spend equal time studying jodo and iaido. For people who seriously and properly do aikido, it is perhaps unnecessary to study these disciplines in the same way. This is especially so if we understand that they are tools to reach the same goal: self knowledge and self development