Simple Monthly Dues

No long term contracts, all dues are payable monthly


Jiu-Jitsu – $110 per month

Aikido - $90 per month

Jodo / Iaido - $70 per month

Combatives - $70 per month*

All available classes - $120 per month

* Combatives class is an invitation only class. Please ask if you are interested

Drop in rates for visitors are $15 per class


$50 per month for class twice a week

Dojo Membership Fee

A small annual fee to help offset some of the operational expenses, insurance, etc..will be collected from each student for the year.

$25 dollars for adults / $10 for kids

Payment Dates

Please pay dues by the 1st of each month for the coming month

Make checks payable to EBR - we currently only accept check or cash payments no credit or debit cards

Please note that dues cover monthly fees, not the number of classes attended. Classes may be canceled from time-to-time for holidays and special events.


Dues do not include the cost of seminars and other special events. These are paid separately and vary in price depending upon the event.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available by appointment only. Contact Michael Selin at the dojo if you are interested.


Please note that class times and class fees may change at anytime without notice. Please contact us if you have questions on dues or registration.