Akido Classes

Aikido can be translated as the "Way of Harmony". It is a peaceful approach to the ancient Japanese budo traditions. Read more about aikido in the budo section.

In aikido we do a lot of rolling, falling, and throwing moves, along with hand and wrist locking techniques. The way we train is non-competitive and methodical, concentrating on the basics for beginners and for advanced students. Most newcomers and regular students alike leave with dozens of questions on the techniques we covered.

Along with aikido, we also practice aiki-weapons, including the jo (staff) and the bokken (wooden sword). These weapons complement our aikido training, to help students better understand the purpose behind various stances and movements. We have extra weapons for students to use.

Aikido classes for kids
Our aikido classes for children are split for ages 6 to 10 and 11 to 15. We focus on physical fitness, self control, patience, self confidence, and just having fun. Please see our kids section for more information.

Jodo classes

Jodo is the "way of the stick". While aikido allows for a sense of freedom and interpretation in the moves, the way we practice jodo is more formal. We work to preserve the form as it has been passed down for hundreds of years. Read about jodo in the budo section. To begin, we study the 12 kihon, or forms. We have extra weapons for students to use.

Iaido classes

Iaido is the "way of the sword". Like jodo, our approach to iaido compared to aikido is more formal. Anyone interested in deeply understanding Japanese budo should consider studying how to draw, cut and sheath the katana sword. It is truly a magnificent weapon. Read about iaido in the budo section. A beginner may try a class and borrow a bokken (wooden sword). But those who wish to study need to purchase a iai (pronounced y-eye), an unsharpened practice sword.

Our teachers

Our instructors have many years experience. They each train alongside students to demonstrate techniques. Meet our teachers.

To get started

Try a class. It's fun and it's free. Just wear something like sweat pants or gym clothes to move freely. When you come, we'll ask that you sign a small liability form. The classes are safe, but any physical activity may have some risk of injury. If you prefer, you are welcome to stay to watch a class and meet the other students.

If you'd like to join, you can get a gi (uniform) and sign up. There are no extra sign up fees or contracts. All dues are month-to-month. (See the dues section.) A gi runs around $50 depending on the size and make. We have uniforms available at the dojo and you can purchase one through us if you like.

Etiquette, syllabus, and glossary

Please check back soon for these online training tools and resources.