Matt Wood - Instructor

"It doesn't seem like I've been training for 17 years - more like a heartbeat."

Matt Wood has been an athlete since his high school football and freestyle wrestling days in Portland OR.  Matt has been passionate about aikido since joining the Seattle Aikikai in 1993.A class or two here and there led to 20-plus hour weeks on the mat for several years while training for his Shodan under Bruce Bookman Sensei in Seattle.  Matt started and continues to focus on ukemi as a crucial tool for all Aikidoka.  Subsequently, Matt trained at Puget Sound Aikikai, pursuing both Aikikai Aikido under Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan and Malory Graham Sensei, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in affiliation with the Machado schools of Los Angeles.  Aiki-related travel has always been a hobby - Matt has attended seminars and camps in Florida, Colorado, all over the US West Coast as well as in Japan, Denmark and Russia.

Matt has been training at EBR Portland since 2007 and joined EBR worldwide as shugyosha in 2010.  Matt's sanity is challenged enough that he currently leads morning Aikido and fitness classes as early as 5AM, 4 days a week.  Matt is sales manager for a US office of a Southern Japanese manufacturer of marine navigation electronics.  Matt is married with two sons with whom he can most often be found snowboarding or fishing, when not on the mat.

Jaff and EBR have helped me break down assumptions about core materials in Aikido and taught me new ways to move.  I am continually overjoyed, overwhelmed, mystified and delighted to keep discovering new material, new movement, new connections within Aikido and our Koryu Budo of iaido and jodo as well.  Our Combatives practice also allows us to use all our tools as we examine self-defense and awareness in our modern setting.  EBR offers a wonderful balance and diversity of martial training, camaraderie and discovery."